Discernment In The Midst Of Deception

Loving Father, I know that we are living in days when there is so much deception that it is often difficult to know the truth. Deception not only in the world but in the Church, yet You have told us that if we know the truth, the truth will set us free.

Thank You, that I am already free form the bondage of sin and death and have my feet firmly planted on the Lord Jesus Christ. But I also ask that You would grant me discernment and an understanding heart to know what is good and true, and to be able to identify and reject what is false and deceptive.

Help me to test every spirit to see what is truth or whether deception is being peddled. Give me wisdom and understanding to discern the difference between truth and error, I pray. Thank You that You are not a God of confusion but the God of peace. Give me an understanding heart. In Jesus' name I pray,