As I Get Older

Heavenly Father, as I advance in years and part of my body begin to fail and age I come to You asking for Your sufficient strength as I struggle with the pain of arthritis, in my body.

Thank You that You kept me in the flush of youth and supported me through those frantic middle years where friends and family, jobs and other issues kept me busily running to and fro.

Now Lord, I have time on my hand and am finding that as my joints seize up I am not able to move as speedily or react as quickly as I used to. Use me, I pray, to lift up those that are also struggling with the pain of arthritic bones and joints that are not a flexible as they once were.

Thank You that You are with me in every season of my life and I pray that as I continue to run the race set before me that You would lead and guide in all I say and do and may it all be done for Your praise and glory, this I ask in Jesus name,