Prayer For God To Open My Heart To His Truth

Dear Lord, I pray that You would open my mind to the truth of Your Word by means of the Holy Spirit. Open my eyes to see Jesus. Open my heart to love Him more and more. Open my will to do only that which is righteous in Your sight so that Your name may be glorified.

Keep me I pray, from presumptious thoughts of my own importance and give me more understanding and illumination of Jesus. Give me a deeper understanding of what it meant for Him to come to earth and set aside His glory and live a perfect life, so that He might die on the cross as the perfect sacrifice to pay the price for my sins. Lord, give me an understanding heart to truly understand what this meant for You and the tremendous cost. I scarce can take it in.

Enable me to hear Your still small voice speaking in my heart, and open my eyes to see Jesus in every page of Your Word. Open the eyes of my heart my Father, and show me more and more of Jesus I pray. In Jesus' name,