A Prayer For Fireman

Dear Father God, thank You for the firemen and women that are so often called upon to protect us from the dangers of fires and accidents that can happen in our lives so quickly. Thank You for the unselfish way that they put their lives on the line, in order to save those that may be trapped by a burning inferno that can so quickly endanger lives.

Protect each one, and give them the courage and strength to tackle whatever dangers may occur on their watch. Help them Lord, and keep them safe when they are engulfed in the choking smoke and flames. Enable them to quickly locate any victims that may be trapped or even unconscious.

Lord, thank You for those that have already come to faith in the Lord Jesus. Uphold each one by Your mighty power. But I also pray for those firemen and women that may not know You as their Personal Saviour and plead on their behalf, that You would draw each one into a saving faith in Jesus Christ, Who gave His life as a ransom for theirs, so that they might gain eternal life. 

Thank You Lord for hearing and answering prayer. In Jesus' name,