Prayer for Psalm 139:23

“Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my concerns.”

Heavenly Father, thank You for the wonderful insights that David has given us into Your perfect character. Thank You for Your love and grace and that You are our all-knowing God, Who knew us intimately in our mother’s womb and scheduled every day of our life. Thank You that You are the all-powerful God Who has promised to help and protect us; uphold and support us; sustain and defend us; comfort and equip us – heal and help us. I pray that You would search my heart too and expose anything that is clouding my Christian walk and hindering my relationship with You. Cleanse me from my sin, purify my heart, comfort any anxious thoughts and draw me into closer fellowship with Yourself, from this day forward – this I ask in Jesus name, AMEN.

Source: Verse of the day for Psalm 139:23

Purity Prayer, For God To Search My Heart

Heavenly Father, I long to be like Jesus and know that in myself I will always fall short of His standard of perfection and purity, but Lord I pray that You would examine my inner heart and secret thoughts and identify in me those areas that need to be rooted out, so that Christ may live in me and work through me to Your greater glory.

Give me the grace to recognise any impure areas in my life that need to be rooted out – and make me willing to engage in the painful process of having all that dishonours Your name cut away.. by the Holy Spirit’s scalpel of truth. Help me to keep the eyes of my heart fixed on Jesus Christ my Lord and grant me the purity of heart and integrity of spirit that is becoming of a vessel fit for Your use.

Begin to search me today O Lord and know my heart, and see if there is any impurity of heart, evil intent or prideful thoughts and may I be willing to be stripped of everything that is not of You, so that I may be pure and holy in Your sight, in Jesus name I pray,


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Help Me To Give You My Anxieties

Lord I don’t want to be anxious about anything, knowing that I can cast all of my anxious thoughts on You - but how difficult I find it to cast all my care on You, before I start to worry – what often happens is that I become more and more anxious over all the difficulties of life that are crowding in on me … and eventually I turn my thoughts to You and reach out to You in my helplessness.

Lord, in my understanding of Who You are I KNOW that You always are my Rock in times of troubles and over and again I have seen You help in time of need… but very rarely do You act in the way that I expect!!

Lord I know that I am not to be anxious about the provision of life and the needs of the home - nor am I to fret over the actions and attitudes of evildoers, who seem to encompass me on every side, for I KNOW and BELIEVE that the day is coming when evildoers will wither away like the grass of the field, as Your Word teaches - while those that trust in the Lord will dwell securely, under the shadow of Your wings.

Help me Lord to cast my anxious thoughts on You BEFORE I start to fret. Help me to reach out to You in my helplessness BEFORE I try to sort things out myself – for You have promised to be my help in time of trouble – Thank You for being such a faithful God,

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Thanks for Being With ME Today

How I love You Lord Jesus and just want to lift up my voice of thanks and gratitude for all that You are to me and for Your many precious promises that are ‘yes’ and ‘amen’ in Christ Jesus my Lord.

You have graciously watched over me every day of my life and every moment of each day. From the day I was conceived Your hand of blessing has been upon me. You protected me in the womb and were there when I drew my first breath and You are with me every step of the way - You have gone before me and yet You are there behind me – You are above me and You are below me as well.. holding me up by Your righteous right hand. You are with me and You indwell me and I thank You that You chose me before the foundation of the world to be Your child.

When I was afraid You were there to reassure me and when I fell You picked me up and set my feet on the right path. When the way was dark and gloomy You lighted my path and when sadness hit my life You were there to comfort and succour me. Oh… and Lord on those days when I proved faithless, You in Your grace remained faithful and true – for You cannot deny Your holy name.

I love You Lord for there is no-one like unto You. Thank You for being my Lord and my God, in Jesus name I pray,

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