Prayer For The Church Pastoral Staff

Loving Heavenly Father, thank You for all the pastoral staff in our church family and for providing us with such a dedicated team of men and women, who work so hard in Your service. Lord I pray for each one, that they would keep You as the focus of their life and that they may be surrendered to You in thought word and deed.

Give each one godly wisdom day by day as they tackle their designated ministry work, and keep them from adopting the actions and attitudes of the world, in order to accomplish Your work in this place.

Help them not to react to the urgent at the expense of acting on the important. Keep them from becoming weary of well-doing or discouraged in their various duties, and may each one be kept from trying to accomplish tasks in their own strength and wisdom, but rather I pray that each one may learn to rest in Your love and to be open to Your voice.

Lord, give each member of our pastoral staff a servant heart and a caring spirit for the whole body of Christ. May each one continue to grow in grace and show forth in their lives and homes a genuine love for those to whom they minister and a deep love for the Lord Jesus, in Whose name I pray,