Prayers for My Enemies

Prayer To God For My Enemies

Loving Father, thank You for the example of Jesus Who cried, Father forgive on the cross. Help me to be one that freely and willingly prays forgiveness over those who are my enemies, and those who, for whatever reason, dislike or try to harm me.

Lord, I thank You that even the people in our lives who despise and ill-use us have a divine purpose in Your perfect plan, in that it drives us back into Your arms of love. From here, we can lift them up to Your throne of grace in prayer, asking for their forgiveness and salvation and releasing in us any pent-up hatred or bitterness that is so damaging to our souls and well-being.

Forgive my enemies Lord, and all those who have tried to hurt or harmed me. Look down in pity on all those who I term ‘enemies’ and give me the grace to show them the love of Christ in my actions and attitudes towards them. Keep my thoughts from becoming resentful or seeking revenge, but rather release in my heart the peace that only comes from casting all my cares on You, including my enemies.

Give me the grace, not only to truly forgive all my enemies but also to bless those who persecute me, for in so doing I see a dim reflection of Your enormous grace towards me, for which I praise and thank You. In Jesus' blessed name,


Prayer For Salvation For My Enemies

Heavenly Father, You have called us to pray for our enemies and all those that seek to do us harm, and not to heap up unforgiveness or resentments in our heart, and so Lord I want to bring before You all those people in my life who have become enemies of my soul, and to ask for Your grace, favour and forgiveness to be poured out on them. Lord, I pray that You would convict each one of their need of Jesus as their Saviour.

Lord, I know that it is not Your will that anyone should perish but that all should come to salvation in Jesus Christ, and so I bring all those people in my life that have sought to do me evil or inflicted harm on me, whether intentionally or unwittingly, to Your merciful throne of grace to plead forgiveness and to ask mercy on their souls.

Lord, for Your holy names sake, I pray that You would draw close to each. Open their eyes to the truth of the gospel of grace I pray, and bring each one into a saving faith on the Lord Jesus. Draw them with Your cords of loving forgiveness into Your family. In Jesus' name,


Prayer For Those That Persecute Us

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You that You are our precious Price of Peace and our perfect example. Thank You that we have Your peace in our hearts and for the understanding that without You there is no perfect peace in this world of strife. Lord, there are many people today who do not know You and who seek to destroy those that are Your children, but Lord You have commanded us to love our enemies, to bless those that curse us, to do good to those who hate us and to pray for those who despitefully use us and persecute us.

Lord, we lay before Your throne of grace the many individuals and groups that openly seek to kill and persecute our Christian brothers and sisters. We pray for each one and lay each soul at Your feet, asking for Your mercy to rest on each of them. Look down in pity on those who are openly aggressive toward Christians for they have been blinded to the truth of the glorious gospel of Christ Jesus our Lord. Open their eyes we pray, and bring them to a saving faith in Jesus.

Lord, we ask Your blessing and mercy on each one for we too were once a stranger to the truth and at enmity against You, but You lifted us up out of the miry clay and set our feet on the rock of our salvation. In Jesus' name,


Help with fighting battles

Prayed for 71 time. I Prayed For This
There are ppl who are doing and saying things about me in a negative light. Doing things behind my back that I know nothing about and involving me in things that could possibly turn into something more real. I know that there are devils walking in the flesh and working hard against me to see to it that I fail in whatever mission plan or scheme they plot towards me. Give me discernment to know who trust and who is genuine so I can start a new day with a new approach. Also,give those that are on the listening end enough sense to see through any lie placed on my name.I believe I have enemies in my personal and professional life dear lord protect me from them....because their dislike for me maybe greater than I think...situations that can affect my livelihood. Protect me and my girls father god..protect them when I'm not around from enemies I may have that may want to get at me thru my children...they didn't ask to be here....thank you for all your blessings and I indebt my life to you. In Jesus name amen.
Received: July 18, 2015