My Prayer For Spiritual Revival

Heavenly Father, my life is weak and seems to be failing and falling apart and in my heart I know that this is due to a long-term neglect of You and Your ways. Forgive me I pray and help me to return into true fellowship with You once again.

Lord, I believe that You have stirred in my spirit the need to turn from my worldly ways and to look again to Christ. I believe that You have quickened my spirit to call my heart back to You…Lord I know that Your word tells us that Godly sorrow brings repentance and I know that I have strayed far from You.. and Lord I truly repent in my heart - I truly desire to turn away from the ways that have entrapped me for so long and to return to You. Thank You that even though I have been faithless, You have remained faithful.

Bring me I pray to the foot of the cross. I need to hand over the reigns of my life to You. Too long I have tried to do things my way and I realise that only in You is true peace found. But Lord I know I am weak and do not want to wander away from You again, and so I ask that You would draw me daily, and place in my heart a fervent desire for You – a desire to be in Your word and a desire to meet with You in prayerful communion… Lord I confess that without You I can do nothing – bring me I pray to such spiritual brokenness that I will never again stray from Your loving arms, in Jesus name I pray,