Prayers for Knowledge

Prayer For Attaining More Knowledge

How precious to know that You are our God.. and Lord I just want to know You more and to love You better. Heavenly Father, it is the yearning of my heart to know more of You and to grow closer to You with every passing day.
As I read Your word and study the Scriptures I pray that You would help me to embrace all that You would teach me and I ask that You would develop in me a teachable spirit, which is quick to hear Your voice speaking to me.. and ready and willing to respond to the gentle promptings of the Holy Spirit in my heart.
It says in Your Word that Your people are destroyed for lack of knowledge – and Lord I pray that You would help me to read, mark, learn and inwardly digest all that You would teach me in the Scriptures – for I want to be able to give an answer for the hope that is in me and I desire to share the truth of the glorious gospel of grace with all I meet. Into Your hands I give my life and pray that I may live each day to You praise and glory,

Prayer For Bible Knowledge

Loving Lord I desire to learn more of You and have a heart and mind that is focussed upon Jesus. I long to grow in grace and in a knowledge of Him – and so I pray that You would develop in me a deep desire to diligently study Your Word and learn to apply the truths and principles within my own life – to Your praise and glory.
But Father I don’t just want to have a head knowledge of biblidal statistics but a heart knowledge of biblical truth and godly love. I want to live my life in a way that is pleasing to You and be used by You as a witness to Your grace and goodness –as a living sacrifice, wholly acceptable unto You.
Help me to read and retain all that I learn from Your word and may I learn to live like the Lord Jesus -  in total dependence upon You to Your praise and glory- this I ask in Jesus name,

Prayer For A Deeper Knowledge Of God

Dear heavenly Father, I pray that you would give Your servant a discerning heart, an honest and true heart that seeks to put You first in all things – a heart of understanding and a genuine desire for a deeper knowledge of You.

Lord it is my desire that I walk worthy in You and that I may know You more and love You better – Give me thirst for Your Word of truth, for in it is life and heath and wholeness - so that I may live a life that is holy unto the L0rd, a life that is separated from the ways of the world.

Give me the strength, the courage and the power to make the right choices in my life and guide my thoughts by the power of Your Holy Spirit each day I Pray. Lord I know that You desire truth in the inward parts and I pray that You would mould the inner secrets of my heart to be laid bare before You, so that I may grow in grace and in a knowledge of the Lord Jesus as I draw ever closer to You day by day, in Jesus name I pray,


Prayer For The Gift Of Knowledge

Heavenly Father, You have told us in Your word that if anyone lacks the knowledge and wisdom that we need.. we ought to ask You in faith.. because You have promised to give liberally to all who come to You.. trusting Your promises.
Lord there are so many things that I do not understand and so much that is happening in our world that I come to You to ask for that precious gift of wisdom and knowledge. Your word says that Your people perish for lack of knowledge and I pray that You would supply me with all that I need to live the life that You would have me live – in spirit and truth –being as gentle as a dove but yet being as wise as a serpent.
Enlighten my understanding and provide me with the knowledge that I need each day.. so that I can step out into the future confident that I am in Your will. Lord I just ask that You provide what I need day by day, trusting You to oversee all my choices and praying that You would guide me along my life-path - to Your praise and glory.
As I search the scriptures daily I pray that You would teach me Your ways and empower me to stand firm in the evil day – knowing that Your grace is sufficient for ever eventuality that I may have to face – Thank You in Jesus name,


Prayer For Knowledge At Work

Father I thank You for my work.. knowing that You created us to live useful and productive lives, while providing for the needs and necessities of our families as well.
So many things in my work life are changing and knowledge and professional skills constantly needs to be updated and improved – and so I ask Lord, that you would equip me with the necessary knowledge, training and skills.. so that I can continue to carry out my work load productively and to the best of my ability.
Bless the labours of my hand.. Protect and provide I pray for my family and may I be used by You to show the love of Jesus to my managers, colleagues and work-mates, so that Christ is glorified in all I do – this I ask in Jesus name,

Knowledge from You

Prayer Lord Jesus, You are my wonderful example and from You comes wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Endow me I pray with Your knowledge from above, for I know that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and from Your mouth comes understanding and knowledge.

Lord it is not the wisdom of the world that I seek, for I know that it is foolishness in Your eyes, but the knowledge that comes only from You – for Your Word tells us that it is better to seek knowledge and understanding from the Lord, than to gain silver and much fine gold.

Give me humility of heart and a teachable spirit for I confess that in me there is no good thing – but I know Lord that by Your divine power, You have given us everything we need to live a godly life, through our knowledge of Jesus who called us by His own glory and goodness- praise Your holy name,


Prayer For Knowledge In School

Heavenly Father, we pray for schools and families whose children attend the different educational establishments and we ask that You would look down in mercy and grace on both staff and pupils in the various schools, colleges and places of learning in our country and throughout the wider world.
We pray that truth would be taught in our schools and that true knowledge and godly wisdom would become increasingly evident in the lessons and lectures. We pray for those students whose faith may become undermined by the wisdom of the world and we ask that You would hold these young people steady to the Biblical knowledge and the unchanging fundamentals of life upon which we stand.
Direct and govern the schools and educational establishments of our land and equip both staff and students with a knowledge and understanding of God’s word and a desire for the truth, This we ask in Jesus name,

Prayer For The Knowledge Of God

Heavenly Father, I am fearfully and wonderfully made and when I read that You know the very thoughts of my heart before I even think of them,, that You knew all about me when I was in my mother’s womb and that You have scheduled every day of my life – it fills me with awe and wonder at Who You are. I am bewildered and yet humbled to know that the God of the universe should send His only begotten Son to die for me at Calvary.
Lord I long for a greater knowledge of You.. a growing understanding of Who You are and a closer relationship with You.. and so I pray that in Your grace and mercy You will give me an ever deepening knowledge of You, and  a purer understanding of Your gracious ways and holy character.
Teach me how to live as You would have me live.. and may all I say and do be done as unto the Lord – to Your praise and glory. Use me in what ever way You choose and I pray that  Christ may be seen in me. It was John the Baptist that said: “I must decrease and He must increase,” and I pray that will be the experience in my life – until Christ is all in all,

Prayer Before Studying

Heavenly Father prepare my heart I pray and help me to be diligent in my studies. I ask that my mind would be receptive to the truths that I am learning and that I would be able to retain and recall what I am reading and come to a deeper understanding of all that I am learning.
Give me a keen desire to study, a heightened understanding of what I am learning and develop in me the ability to remain alert in spirit, soul and body during this time of intense concentration. And Lord I pray that You would develop in me a teachable spirit and an enquiring mind and the ability to apply what I am learning in my life – this I ask in Jesus name,

Prayer T0 Retain Biblical Knowledge

Dear heavenly Father I love Your Word and I thank You for the wisdom and understanding that You have graciously given me.
I love reading the Bible and learning of You. It thrills me to talk of Jesus with others and gossip the gospel of grace, but I often find that I cant recall biblical truths that I have been taught and scriptural references that I have read.
Lord I pray that You would help me to retain, remember and recall the biblical knowledge that I have and to be able to recall the lovely truths of Your word that I have been shown. Help me I pray to recall scripture verses and retain biblical truths and teach me more of Your love and grace in Jesus name,

Prayers Seeking Knowledge And Wisdom

Heavenly Father, the things that are happening in the world today are waxing worse and worse, just as the Bible said would happen in these end times.. and we look to You to know what to do – Lord we look to You for knowledge and wisdom at a time when all that is connected with God and godliness is being so severely attacked and is so quickly being eroded away.
Father we know that the Bible is Your Word of truth and yet throughout the nations it is losing its authority and respect and being replaced with secular humanism and an anti-God agenda. Father we know that the Lord Jesus is coming soon to judge the nations with righteousness and truth, but we pray that as we wait for His any day return that You would grant us Your knowledge and wisdom to know what to do and how to behave in a world that is spiralling out of control – we pray that Jesus will come soon, in Whose name we pray,

Your knowledge shines forth

Prayer Dear Lord Jesus You are the immortal, invisible all-powerful and all-knowing God - Who is worthy of all praise and worship. In You all things exist and are held together and nothing is hidden from Your sight. I am not worthy so much as to gather the crumbs under Your table and yet through Christ Jesus my Lord You have brought me into Your family, covered me with Your robe of righteousness and bestowed on me the unsearchable riches of Your marvellous grace, for which I praise and thank Your holy name.

Lord You told us that life is to know the Father and to know You more and more and to grow into a deeper and more intimate knowledge and understanding of You with each passing hour – and Lord I ask that in Your grace You would.

Absolute and all knowing God, Nothing is hidden from Your sight. In the prescience since the beginning, All knowledge existed within You. Kindly share Your knowledge with me, Making me aware of what is meant to be, Permitting my soul to understand it, And wisdom to agree with its outcome. Provide me with the gift of discretion, To prudently apply received knowledge, To ensure the fulfilment of Your Will. Your knowledge shines forth forever!


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God's Perfection

I Prayed For This Prayed for 12 time.
I pray that we will come to the full knowledge of God and will trust him fully and not doubt his word and promises, be sanctified, holy, forgiving, have great faith even the end of faith, wisdom, understanding, and that God will provide our daily bread both natural and spiritual bread, He will lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil for his glory, to study to show ourselves approved, be watchful and prayerful, steadfast, think on those things mentioned in Phillipians, spread the true Gospel, not be deceived, be victorious in every trial and battle, and be able to escape all that is about to happen on earth, that our flight be not in the winter, that God will say well done good and faithful servant when we meet him at that appointed time.
Received: August 26, 2014

Pray for my relationship.

I Prayed For This Prayed for 16 time.

Dear Lord I pray for wisdom and relatioship skills with all the peopele around me.My communication skills both verbal and nonverbal, languages. Also for my skills in activities my work. Transform me Lord.

Received: February 24, 2014

Lord ı need. knowledge

I Prayed For This Prayed for 23 time.

Lord, Grant me wısdom,knowledge & understandıng. In Christ name Amen. 

Received: October 22, 2013