Prayers for Intercessors

Prayer For Intercessors In The Spiritual Conflict

Thank You Father for the men and women who have dedicated their lives to the ministry of intercession and we pray Your protection over each one, knowing that they are in the front line of a spiritual warfare that has been raging in the heavens, since man chose to rebel against his Creator, and Satan took the reins of power over this world system.

Help each one to recognize the significance of the spiritual conflict in which they are involved and we pray that they would be vigilant in putting on the whole armor of God daily, knowing that the enemy is seeking to destroy their testimony and cripple their effectiveness.

Direct and govern their prayers and intercessions and give them an ever present recognition that greater is HE that is in them than he that is in the world. May each one rest in the knowledge that the victory is secured the Lord, which has already been won at Calvary. May each one simply abide in Christ and remain faithful to their post, so that the Spirit of God may use them as a vessel to forward His plans and purpose in the world - until Christ is all in all. Thank You Father for the ministry of intercession and raise up we pray, many who will take up the baton of prayer, to Your glory, in Jesus name we pray,


Prayer For Intercessors To Develop A Servant Heart

Give wisdom we pray, to the faithful little band of Christian intercessors that are standing in the gap before the Lord, on behalf of so many, who are unaware of the spiritual battles that are raging in the heavenlies. Develop in each one the heart of a true servant that is so vital for this special ministry to be effective, the sort of servant-heart that was so exemplified in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Help each intercessor to disregard their own interests, and so develop the mind of Christ so that their will is swallowed up in His as they become immersed in this vital service to God. May they learn to say, as did Christ in the garden of Gethsemane,"Thy will, not mine be done." until they are absorbed in the will of the Father, to His praise and glory,


Prayer For Intercessors To Have Spiritual Discernment

Heavenly Father, we lay before You all those men and women who have been called to the important ministry of intercession and prayer, and that You would give them wisdom and understanding as they stand in the gap between God and man - and man and God. Give them we pray, a deep discernment to know how to pray and what to pray for, so that their intercession may be effective in the spiritual battle with which they are engaged and in bringing forth much fruit, to Your praise and glory.

We pray that each one may have a servant heart, be led and guided by the Spirit of God and yielded to Him in thought, word and deed, so that day by day they are walking in spirit and truth, and living in newness of life, in Christ. May each one have an understanding of the evil power and plan of Satan, and learn to cover themselves (and those for whom they pray) in the armour of God, and having done all may each one abide faithful. This we ask in the precious name of Jesus,


Prayer For Intercessory Groups

Father, we know the importance of having two or three that are gathered together to pray in Your name, and we ask You to look down in grace and favour on all the many groups and ministries that meet together to intercede on behalf of others.

We ask You to watch over and protect each group, however large or small they may be - and we pray that there would rise up many clusters of intercessors in every country of the world, who are prepared to lift up.. 1) the leaders of their nation, 2) those that have never trusted Christ as Saviour, 3) and their brothers and sisters in Christ.

We ask that You would equip each group with the facility to pour out their hearts to the Lord,as they pray into the will of God in the lives of all those for whom they are interceding. May they learn to travail in prayer as they unite to pour out their hearts, in intercessory prayer together. May they learn to abandon their soul unto death.. as did Christ Himself in the garden - as they allow the Holy Spirit within to pray through them.. and to persevere in prayer together.. until Your purpose is carried out to Your praise and glory,


Prayer To Prepare For The Ministry Of Intercession

Heavenly Father, prepare the hearts of all those that have been called into the important ministry of intercession, so that they may be equipped to stand as intercessor between man and God and act as watchmen on the wall. May their ministry be approved of God, so that they may offer up earnest pleadings for the souls of those that are lost, knowing that without the saving blood of Christ to wash them clean of sin, there shall no flesh be justified before almighty God.

Give them a heart that is also prepared to plead that the Body of Christ as a whole, will mature in the faith and grow into a deeper knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, both corporately and individually. May these men and women intercessors be approved of God, so that they may show forth the love of Christ, to a lost and dying world.

Father, we pray for all those that have been called to the all-important throne ministry of intercession, and ask that they may be led by the Holy Spirit of God to pray into His perfect will, and to come into a deeper understanding of God's perfect plans and purposes for this lost and dying world. We pray that You would guide their intercessions and prayers, so that they may pray in spirit and truth, to Your praise and glory. In Jesus' name,


Thank You For Your Intercession

Father, not only do I have the assurance of my salvation, but I also know that Jesus intercedes for me as a Man who has experienced life on this earth. Thank You that Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father, ever making intercession for me. And thank You that the Spirit intercedes for me on my behalf, according to the will of God. Thank You for Your intercession. In Jesus' name,



Prayed for 17 time. I Prayed For This

Lord God, Thank you for never abandoning me through out the days of my life. Thank you for the many blessings. Lord, you know all my anxieties, my sufferings, my tribulations, you know what is bugging me today. Lord God, I know I have done a great sin and mistake, I ask for your forgiveness and mercy. Lord, I am sorry. Despite of my unworthiness Lord, please I humbly ask you to give me the blessing of menstruation as soon as possible. Lord God, I am Praying that I may not get pregnant. Lord, I ask of you to delay the blessing of a baby. Lord, I dont want my parents get disapointed or mad or sad. Lord God, please help me. You are my strength and my shield. You are the only one who could help me. You know how much I love my family. Please Lord. Grant me this prayers. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

Received: June 16, 2014

Narcicisstic Personality Disorder

Prayed for 9 time. I Prayed For This

Dear Father! I pray  for my beloved, Clement who suffers from Narcicisstic Personality Disorder. He doesn´t even know from what he is suffering, from the rare informations I have he must have been deeply traumatised in his childhood. He has a heart of stone, but needs a lot of affection and love at the other hand without being able to love himself. I KNOW that God is already fixing this problem- at his special time. Please support my prayer with your prayer, in Jesus name. We believe-Clement will receive. Amen

Received: March 29, 2014

For my family

Prayed for 10 time. I Prayed For This

Dear Lord, My family has been under attack by the evil one for more than 10 years! There are so many things that are going wrong in each of our lives and it seems there is no end to our misery. Please protect us and bless us so that we can have better lives. Please answer our prayers! Amen

Received: October 30, 2013

Abused Welfare Mothers

Prayed for 8 time. I Prayed For This

Lord, cast down the devils that keep mothers who are having sex outside of marriage and bearing children, so that they can collect welfare to support themselves, see your light. Lord, wake them up to the abusive and dangerous relationships they put themselves and their children in. Lord, protect our children so that they do not learn the ways of the devil, but that they learn the ways of you, my Lord. In my sweet savior's name, Jesus, I pray.

Received: October 29, 2013

Prayer for Survival and Healthy Relationships

Prayed for 14 time. I Prayed For This

Dearest Lord, I pray for the economic recovery of my family, and the blessings of continued healthy relationships within the family as we go through our ordeal. I know You have plans for us and that You will bring us through our ordeal. I ask for your protection.

joey c.
Received: October 7, 2013