Young Persons Prayer For The Future

Lord, thank You for bringing me into Your family and that I have been taught Who You are. Thank You, that You sought me out and saved me. Thank You, that Your banner over me is love and thank You for all the many blessings and opportunities that You have provided for me in my life so far. 

Be with me Lord, as I face an unknown future. Teach me more of Yourself and give me an opportunity in my life to serve You, in whatever place or work You call me.

Lead me and guide me into all truth I pray, and as I face all my tomorrows Lord, I want to ask that You would show me more of Yourself. I pray that I may know more of You, that I may know Christ. This was the prayer that Paul the apostle prayed at the end of his life and Lord, I want to pray this at the start of my life as well. 

Give me a teachable spirit and as the future opens up for me, keep me from the ways of the world, but help me to cling ever closer to You. In Jesus' name,