To Change My Relationship With My Unhappy Parents

Oh dear God, I seem to be unable to do anything right for my parents and when they are not shouting at each other they join together to pick on me and I am finding that life at home is becoming unbearable. Lord Jesus, all I want to do is to get out of the house and live my life somewhere else… quietly - somewhere that is not constantly a battleground.

In my heart Lord I know that running away is not the answer – but I also know that You do have all the answers to all our difficulties - and ask that You would change the dynamics of our home so that all the bickering stops. Change things at home I pray and change each one of us to become more considerate to the needs of each other.. I know that this is what Jesus would do….

Lord I also know that both my parents are unhappy and life is not as good as it used to be. I love my parents Lord, and pray that You would do something to make our home a place of hope and peace and safety. Lord I pray that You would help my parents to draw closer to each other and to You Lord – as they did in the past. Change our relationship for the better, I pray we all become what You would have us be - so that as a family we can be more like Jesus….