To Change My Relationship With My Spouse

Dear Father God, I love my spouse, but Father we have drifted apart in so many different ways, and erected so many walls of defence to hide behind, that communication between us is becoming increasingly difficult.

Break down the walls of selfishness and silence that we have both erected for different reasons, and unite us together in the love of Jesus. Help us to unmask the camouflage with which we have both chosen to clothe ourselves and change us both Lord. Change us from the inside out, so that Jesus may be seen in both of our lives. Change our relationship I pray, and help us both to start of building our future together on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ, the only Rock of our salvation.

I do thank You Father for my spouse, and I pray that You would intervene to change our relationship for the better. I ask Father, that You would start the work in me. In Jesus' name I pray,