That My Home May Be A Place Of Tranquil Peace

Loving Lord, thank You for my home. I pray that it may be a place of peace and rest. May we close the door on every evil that would seek to enter unseen and disrupt its calm tranquillity, and may all that is spoken and done within its walls be pleasing in Your sight and honouring to Your name.

Keep all who live here from uttering careless words that can hurt or accuse, but rather may the angel of Your presence encamp within its walls and may Your wings of protection overshadow each one. Protect the hearts and minds of all who enter and leave here, and may no ungodly thoughts or selfish attitudes cross its threshold.

May the beauty of Your love stream through the hearts of all who enter its walls, so that our home is lit up with the love and grace that only comes from You, just as the golden sunshine streams in through the windows and dances around the room, giving light and warmth to all.

As we commune in fellowship together day-by-day, I pray that You will be present at our table as we eat, listen to our conversations, sit with us as we laugh and relax together, and remain with each one though the hours of darkness, so that we wake refreshed and ready to do your bidding. In Jesus' name I pray,