Thanksgiving Prayer For The Life Of The Deceased

Dear Heavenly Father, it is always hard to say goodbye to those that have died, for we know that they will be missed by so many who are left behind. But Lord, You also remind us that the death of Your saints is very special to You and we want to join together to thank You for life of this Your child, who was such an encouragement and wonderful witness of Your love and grace.

Thank You, Lord, for the blessings of this special person, whom we all remember so fondly, but who is now at rest in Your loving embrace. Thank You for their life and the many happy memories that we all share.

We pray that You will be a special comfort, to uplift and care for those that will feel the greatest loss. Help us to remember that although we are separated for a time, we will all rejoice one day when we stand together in Your presence. Thank You that the brief night of weeping will pass very quickly, and we will all be rejoicing in Your presence on that glorious morning when we will all be reunited in the hope that is set before us. In Jesus' name we pray,