Thanks For The Privilege Of Communion With God

What a joy and a privilege it is to fellowship with You my Lord, and to commune with You. No matter where I am or who I am with, I know that You are with me, indwelling me, and I rejoice for my spirit that can share precious communion with You as I rest in Your arms of love.

Whether I am in a rushing noisy crowd or sitting in solitary stillness, communion with You my Lord is sweet and beautiful. Whatever ails me or delights me becomes Your concern, for You chose me before the foundation of the world and scheduled each day of my life before I was even born. How great You are, my Lord and God.

Who am I that You should condescend to spend time in sweet fellowship with me? My heart is humbled at the wonder that my God and King should care for me and desire intimate companionship with me. I was one who was once at enmity with You and dead in my trespasses and sins. But You sought me out, saved me, redeemed me and clothed me with Your own righteousness, and I will praise and wonder at Your saving grace through the eternity of eternities. You alone are worthy of honour and glory and praise and worship.