Prayer For Friends At Work

Dear Heavenly Lord, I thank You for my place of work and I come to You today to lift up each of my friends at work in prayer to You. Lord, I know that there is nothing that is a mistake or a coincidence in Your economy and I believe that You have placed me there for a specific purpose. Help me to find that purpose out, in the lives of all with whom I work.

Help me Lord, to demonstrate Your grace and friendliness towards my friends at work and may I conduct myself in a godly and friendly manner towards each and every one. Help me also to be able to share Your Word at my work and be ready and willing to give an answer for what I believe. Lord, You know each of these friends at work so much better than I do and You know the hurts and the pain that each one is carrying. Put Your words in my mouth so that I may speak into whatever situation is heavy on their heart, and may You use my simple witness to speak words of comfort and help to those in need. And Lord, I pray that Jesus Himself may be glorified in my life, such that many come to see their need of Jesus as their Saviour, in Whose name I pray,