Thank you for Children Entrusted to ME

Loving heavenly Father, how I thank and praise You for the heritage and gift of children with which You have blessed me abundantly. Keep my children on the right path I pray, and prevent them from getting sucked into the way of the world and the philosophies of this age.

Each one of my children is such a treasure that You have entrusted to me to raise and nurture into the ways of the Lord. Lord, I know that my children have been lent to me from You, just as Samuel was given to his mother, Hannah – for a time.

I dedicate my children to You Lord, and ask that in my weakness you will give me the godly strength wisdom and ability to direct and advise my children in the ways of the Lord. May they come to love Your Word. May they treasure Your Word in their hearts, all the days of their lives. And may they teach Your ways to their children in the days that lie ahead.

Keep my children from temptation and help them to overcome the wiles of the evil one who will seek to trip them up.

Cover them with Your protection, and in Your grace and mercy, draw them closer to You day by day, until that reach Your everlasting kingdom. In Jesus' name I pray,