Prayers Grow In Patience And Grace

Heavenly Father, I know that it is good for us to wait quietly for You to work out Your good purpose in each of our lives, yet I know that so often I find myself becoming restless when things go wrong or when things do not go according to my plans. Lord, please teach me how to rest in You and to be able to wait patiently for You to carry out Your good purpose in my life.
I know that too often, my patience seems to wear thin and I get irritable or angry and I know that this is not honouring to You. Teach me I pray, what it means to wait patiently for You to work Your good pleasure in my life.
Keep me from my own strivings and stresses and give me the grace not to get impatient if things do not happen according to my own expectations, but in everything may I learn to rest in Your love and to wait patiently for all You have for me in every circumstance of life. Thank You, in Jesus' name,