Prayers Against Adultery in Marriages

Heavenly Father, we come to You to lift up the increasing numbers of couples that are facing adultery in their marriages – both the one that is feeling betrayed and let down by an unfaithful spouse.. and the one that has been foolishly led astray, by sexual sins and the gratification of the flesh.

We ask that You would intervene in all marriages where adultery and infidelity are taking place.. and pray for Your healing hand on every life that is touched by the destructive nature of adultery.. and each marriage that has been impacted and devastated by sexual sins and infidelity in their marriages

We ask You to intervene in each situation where infidelity, fornication and adultery has caused such sadness, pain and loss of trust. We also pray that You would revive the marriages of couples that have gone through the painful discovery that their spouse has been unfaithful and the devastating repercussions that are caused through the adultery of ones marriage partners.

We pray that You would disentangle the web of deceit that is woven through an adulterous relationship and ask that in Your goodness and grace You would touch the hearts of both partners, so that godly repentance may be received with godly forgiveness – we ask this in Jesus name,