The Cheating Husband’s Prayer of Repentance

Oh God I have been so selfish and foolish and I am ashamed of my sinful behaviour.. and for foolishly seeking for fleshly pleasures outside of the marriage bed. Lord I was flattered that a younger woman who was interested in me, and I allowed myself to lust after the fleeting pleasures of sex, which has led me into fornication and adultery - and I grieve to realise the deep pain I have caused my wife and the whole family,

I never thought that I would ever fall prey to the flattering talk of another woman, but I did not heed to the warning signs and have caused grief to myself, my family, and to so many other people too – but also I know that I have sinned against You, and I confess my fault.. and pray that You would graciously forgive me and return me into fellowship with the Father, and joy in the Lord.

Lord forgive me I pray. I repent of my sin and want turn right away from my ungodly behaviour, and pray that in the power of the Holy Spirit, You would help me. Lord I now know how easy it is to fall prey to sexual sin, but I desire to flee from fleshly lust and to remain pure in body, soul and spirit.

I pray that my wife would find it in her heart to forgive my and take me back – oh graciously look down upon Your servant I pray. I ask that You would enable me to show her that I have truly turned away from my adulterous behaviour and ask that in Your strength I would learn how to live godly in Christ Jesus – this I ask in His name,