Prayer When Being Persecuted at Work

Dear Lord, the oppression and victimisation at work that I am having to face is growing worse and I feel that I am being singled out for this sort of persecution.. simply because I trust in You as my Saviour.
Lord You told us to pray for those that persecute us and to bless and not to curse. Lord I can only do this in Your strength. Give me that sufficient grace to so that I may live a life that honours You. Help me to suffer this persecution for righteousness sake, knowing that in so doing I am sharing in Your suffering, simply because I am a member of Your body..
Help me to count it all joy when I am faced with these trials and difficulties at work, knowing that this is a testing of my faith which will produce steadfastness and patient endurance.
 Help me to have faith that You will even use this horrid persecution that I am facing at work as a means for my good and to the glory of Your name – this I ask in Jesus name,