Prayer When All Around Me Is Changing

Loving Lord, there is so much happening in my life at the moment. Changes seem to be taking place in every area of my life, friends and neighbours have moved far away, my loved ones have passed on, tensions seems to be surrounding me on every side. But my hope and trust is in You.

As I step out into the future, in the face of all the changes and challenges that are taking place all around me, I pray that You will continue to be with me to lead and to guide, to help and to protect, to comfort and support. Lord, I cling to You for You are the Rock of my Salvation, my Defence and my Defender.

Thank You, Lord, that in this world of flux and change, You are the same yesterday, today and for ever. Thank You, that You are with me in all the changing scenes and situations of my life and thank You that You are coming back soon, to take all who trust in Your name to be with You forever. I cling to You Lord, for my hope and my future is in You alone. In Jesus' name I pray,