Prayer To Overcome My Emotional Temper

Loving Lord, I am very susceptible to getting frustrated and irritated over little things, which can often develop into full blown anger where I lose my temper and my inner peace. Lord, I confess that at these times, I generally blame the other person or the situation in which I find myself. In my heart, I like to pretend that this is my personality and that it will always be like that, because of who I am. And yet Lord, I know that this lack of patience on my part is simply a display of my old sin nature, which I know is displeasing to You.

Lord, I don’t want to succumb to this sort of behaviour and so I am asking that in Your grace, You would help me to overcome my quick temper and emotions, and help me instead to dress myself in the patience and humility that only comes from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lord, I pray that You would help me to recognise when my emotions are building up into frustration or when I am started to become irritated inside. Help me I pray, to hand over these feelings to You immediately, and enable me to grow in grace and to develop a patient spirit and humility of heart.

Thank You for listening Lord. In Jesus name I pray,