Prayer To Overcome Addiction

Father God, I come to You in brokenness of spirit and deep need, knowing that for too long I have been out of Your will and out of fellowship with You, as I have allowed this addiction to overtake my life, and have been trapped under its power. Lord, I know that it is not right to be so consumed and addicted, and so I come to You with a broken heart and a penitential spirit to plead for Your forgiveness and grace, and to ask for Your help for I know that nothing but the power of Jesus in my life can break this enslaving addiction.

Lord, the fear that wells up in me as I project my life into the future, has caused great concern and despair to flood my heart, but I know that You have not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and love and a self-disciplined mind, and Lord, although I have strayed far from You, I am Your child and I ask that You would rescue me from this addiction and enable me to overcome the hold that it has on my life.

Thank You, Father, that You have promised Your perfect peace on all who keep looking to Jesus and I ask that in Your grace, You would lift me back out of this place of addiction and establish me back on the Rock of my Salvation. In Jesus' name I pray,