Prayer To Live Today For Jesus

Dear Lord, I do thank You for a night of refreshing sleep this past night and thank You for waking me up on the dawning of this new day. Be present with me throughout the day I pray. Strengthen and keep me from all evils and dangers help me to walk worthy of the calling, wherewith I have been called.

If there are burdens, I pray that You will carry them for me and if there are decisions to be made I pray that You would give me the discernment and wisdom I need to make the best choices. If there is busyness in the day I pray that it will not deflect me away from relying on You as I ought.

If there is anyone that You bring into my path today, I pray that You would give me the words and wisdom to say what is needed to be said as well as the sense to know when to be silent. Lord, into Your hands I place my day. Go before me I pray, stay with me each minute of the day and keep me safe under the shadow of Your wings. May You be glorified in my life today so that when people look at me they see no one but Jesus in me. In Jesus' name I pray,