Prayer To Live My Life To The Glory Of Christ Jesus

Thank You, Father, for the saving me and bringing me into Your heavenly family and thank You for the gift of grace through Christ Jesus my Lord. Father, as I read through Christ’s intercessory prayer for His disciples on the night that He was betrayed, and for all who were to come to faith through their witness, I pray that I may be willing to face all the life-challenges that I may be called upon to endure in this fallen world, and pray that in the power of the Spirit I may live a godly life that glorifies Your holy name.

May the gentle strength and humble obedience of the Lord Jesus Christ become increasingly evident in my life, as I seek to submit to the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit of truth in my daily walk, and may Christ’s deep desire to carry out Your will and to glorify Your name, become the hallmark of my life too, so that others may see the good works that You have prepared for me to do and glorify You, Father.

May I pursue righteousness and peace, godliness and faith, patience and humility, grace and mercy. In the name of Jesus and to Your greater glory,