Prayer to God - My Saviour And Provider

Father, I come before You humbly to ask that in Your grace and wisdom You would enable us to sell our home and to move to the place to which You are calling us to go.

Lord I know that Jesus Christ alone is our mediator between God and man, and it concerns me that so many people consider praying to saints or reciting ‘incantation’ type prayers to try to help sell their homes. Father, I confess Christ crucified as my only Saviour and one and only Mediator, and it is in His name alone that I come to You today to pray that You would guide us as we come to sell our house.

Give us wisdom as we put this house into the hands of a selling agency, and we pray that You would go ahead and prepare the way for the right person to come at Your time and in Your way to buy this house. Lord, You know my needs and those of my family and it is to You alone that I cry at this time and plead for your grace in time of need.

Lord, I pray that Your will be done in this part of my life, and that You would give me the strength and wisdom to trust You in all things, for You alone are worthy. In Jesus' name I pray,