Prayer To Glorify God For Our Saviour Jesus Christ

Father, how we love to hear the wonderful angelic message to mankind, that You sent that first Christmas morning, when a heavenly choir sang its glorious refrain, “Glory to God In the Highest.. and peace on earth to men.” How we rejoice to recall the glorious reason that You gave Your only begotten Son, to be born into a race of sinners and to live a perfect life, so that by Your grace He would become the propitiation for our sins, and reclaim that peace between God and man that was lost in the garden, so many years ago.

Although that heavenly choir sang their joyful refrain some 2000 years ago, may the light of its glorious message of grace shine deep into the hearts of men and women everywhere, so that Jesus Christ may be lifted up in the hearts and minds of many, for Jesus Himself promised, “ if I am lifted up I will draw all men unto Myself.”

We pray that You would draw many into Your forgiving arms of grace and mercy.

May we never cease to glory in the eternal message of peace on earth and goodwill towards men, for You alone are worthy of all honour and praise. In Jesus' name we pray,