Prayer To Follow The Example Of Jesus

Dear Father God, thank You for sending Jesus, Who was the great example of a man Who walked in spirit and truth and Who waited upon God. A man with a servant-heart and a desire to do Your will. Thank You for Jesus, Who throughout His life, demonstrated Himself to be a person that would wait on You in every situation and do only those things that He heard from You.

Father, in the power of the Holy Spirit, I pray that I too may learn how to wait on You and quietly rest in Your will. Lord, I want to be emptied of self so that I may be filled with You.

Thank You that Jesus is our worthy example as well as being our Redeemer and Saviour. And because Jesus is now my life, I pray that I may live as He did;

A life that is led by the Spirit.

A life that walks in spirit and grace.

A life that seeks to do Your will.

A life that waits in patient expectation on You.

For to You belongs all power and wisdom and majesty and strength, and without You I can do nothing. Help me to follow the example of Jesus and it is in His name I pray,