Prayer To Be A Good Steward of My Wealth

Lord, I know that that is a principle that is frequently seen in the Bible, that we “reap what we sow,” and I also know that some unscrupulous people have suggested that this can be used as an almost magical formula that anyone can apply to ‘prayer’ which I know to be very unbiblical.

Lord, I want to ask You to give me an understanding of how to sow biblically, so that in due time I may reap to Your glory, whether it is my money, my time, my talents, my gifts or simply myself. Lord, I want to make the best use of all that You have graciously given to me, not for selfish reasons but to glorify Your name, for all that I have comes from You and I am simply seeking to give back to You what You have generously given me. Lord, I simply desire to be a good steward and a faithful servant, with all that You have given me.

Lord, I don’t know how best to use what You have given me. I don’t know how to sow as You would have me to do. I know that I have made many mistakes in the past and so I come to You today to ask You to teach me Lord. Teach me how to number my days and make best use of all that have received from Your hand of blessing, including my money, my time, my talents, my gifts and myself.

Lord, into Your hands I give all I have and pray that in due time it will be profitable. In Jesus' name I pray,