Prayer Of Thanksgiving

Dear Father God, I am just coming to You today because I just want to sit in Your presence, bathe in Your beauty, rest in Your love and to simply to spend time alone with You.

Lord, I do not have any specific prayer to offer to You, except to say that I just want to be with You because I love You. Lord, I just want to flood my mind with the wonder of Who You are and to rejoice in Your glory and grace. Lord, at times I am overwhelmed by Your loving-kindness and tender mercies towards me. I don’t understand it but I praise You with all of my heart

At times Lord, I am awestruck to realise that the God of the universe has chosen to take up residence in my frail body and that You want to have a close and personal relationship with me, to walk with me in the cool of the evening and to rest in the arms of each other, simply because You love me. Words are insufficient to convey the wonder of Who You are, and I thank You for being my Saviour and for loving me as You do. In Jesus' name,