A Nurses Prayer In Difficult Times

Dear Lord, give me an understanding heart I pray, and a fill my lips with words of comfort and encouragement, as I deal with the nursing duties that I am called upon to do, and especially Lord, when I am confronted with uncooperative patients or unsympathetic doctors.

Be with me I pray, as I care for the patients in my charge today, and I ask that You would guide my tongue from hasty words. Give me grace and wisdom, when I am called upon to deal with the irritations of patients that complain and make me sensitive towards those that try to hide their fears behind a mask of indifference.

Let Your love shine through me today, and pour Your compassion into my heart, so that I may bring comfort and joy into the lives of different people today.

Lord, I pray that I may do my very best today, simply because You are there to lead and guide in all things. In Jesus' name I pray,