Prayer Of Thanks for The Spirit Inspired Scripture

Heavenly Father, we thank You that by Your Spirit You caused all Holy Scriptures to be written for our learning.

Thank You that Your Word is able to furnish us with all the wisdom we need, which has led us to saving faith in Christ.. and reconciliation with God.. Thank You also, that in the power of Your holy Spirit You have promised to guide us into all truth; teach us all that we need to know and train us we pray to live godly in Christ Jesus.

Enable us to apply Your word in our hearts - by faith, so that by Your Spirit we may carry out the good work that You have prepared for us to do - in Your power and to Your glory. Help me to treasure Your Word in my heart and to meditate upon it day and night, knowing that all Scripture is inspired by Your Spirit and is profitable for reproof and correction - and for training in righteousness.

I pray that the word of Christ may dwell in me richly, and that in the power of Your Spirit You would search deeply into the inner recesses of my heart and mind to discover any area that is displeasing to You - and to enable me to correct it... to Your praise and glory, Amen.