Prayer Of Thanks For Spiritual Protection

Father God, I praise and thank You for the Word of God and the truths it contains. Thank You for the many instructions, guidelines and boundaries that we are given for our spiritual protection and preservation. Help me to put on the whole armour of God and to remain covered in Christ moment by moment, knowing that it is our only protection and defense against the principalities and powers of darkness, that would seek to undermine our trust in God.

Help me to stand fast in this evil day, and to willingly submit to the work of the indwelling Holy Spirit in my life, so that in His power I may resist the devil and all his evil activities in my life and the lives of those I love.

Keep me from presumptuously thinking that I have strength in and of myself against the wiles of the evil one, knowing that all the instructions, guidelines and boundaries in Scripture are given for my learning and for my spiritual protection. Help me to keep my eyes firmly fixed on Jesus, and my heart securely anchored to the Rock of my salvation. May I never lose sight of my access to the Throne of grace, my glorious position in Christ, my heavenly citizenship and my day by day responsibility to trust Your Word of truth. In Jesus' name I pray,