Prayer Of Thanks For My Single Status

Loving Father, I just want to thank You for my state of singleness. I know that at times I have longed (to a greater or lesser degree) to be married. But Lord, as I reflect on my life and the amazing privileges and grace that You have given to me in my single status, I realise that I would not have it any other way and just want to praise and thank You for all that You are doing in my life today and the way that You have led me to this point.

Lord, increasingly I understand what Paul was talking about when he said that those that are single should remain single if they are able to cope with their physical and emotional desire to be with another person. Lord, it certainly is my desire to grow ever closer to You and to be a witness of my wonderful Creator, who has saved my soul and made me a new creation in Christ.

There is no greater joy Lord than knowing You, and at times I know that I have wasted my time looking into things that are not wholesome and drinking from cisterns that are polluted, but You have led and guided me to this point in my life and I pray that You would continue to lead and guide me. Lord, I know that as we get older we can become concerned if we have no one to, ‘ look after’ us, but Father I just want to hand my future into Your gracious hands, knowing that as You have guided me to this point in my life that You are able and willing to support me and keep me in the years that lie ahead.

I pray that as I get older I may continue to love You more and serve You better and rely on You alone for all my needs, for You are a great God and I thank You for being my God and my Saviour, my Lord and my best Friend. Thank You in Jesus' name,