Prayer Of Thanks For God’s Provision

Dear Father in heaven, I do bless and glorify Your name for Your graciousness towards me and for Your day by day provision You have faithfully provided for me and my family all our lives. Thank You that you are always faithful to Your promises of provision.

Lord, it is a great comfort to know that You know everything about me and that You know when I sit or stand. You know the needs I have before they arise, and You faithfully set in motion the answers to my prayers even before I call. And Lord, even though the answers to my prayers may sometimes be delayed, I so often see Your hand of blessing in so many other ways. Thank You for the way that You have used difficulties and delays to perfect and develop my trust in You. And Lord, although I do not always understand when things do not work out the way that I expect, I do thank You that You have always been there to provide for my needs in Your time and in Your way.

Keep my heart ever thankful for Your gracious provision and loving kindness towards me, and may I grow in grace and come to know You more and more in the days that lie ahead. In Jesus' name I pray,