Prayer Of Hope To Be Saved From Pornography

Dear God, I don’t know what to do any more. I have been addicted to porn for so many years and I just hate my life. I have hurt so many people that I care about and I know that I cant go on any more, or at least I don’t want to keep on in this life-style, but I don’t know what to do or how to break free.

Someone told me that Jesus was the only way that I could break my life of pornography, but I don’t know how. Lord if You are willing, I pray that You would help me and show me how to break free of this disgusting life-style, which I feel it is a trap into which I keep falling.

I believe Lord. I believe that You died to pay the price for sin. I believe that You died to pay the price for my sins and I truly believe that it includes the sin of pornography as well as everything else.

Lord, I am willing to put my life into Your hands and ask that You would lead and direct me in the way to break this terrible habit. Help me day by day and moment by moment to keep my eyes looking to Jesus, and Lord, when that inner urge starts to stir, I pray that in Your mercy Your Holy Spirit would prompt my soul, so that I will grab hold of that thought and hand it right over to You. Help me to turn from every evil stirring within and start to focus on what Jesus did on the cross, to pay the price for my sins. Lord, I do believe that You can help me. I pray that You would enable me to break this habit and start to learn what true fulfilment is. In Jesus' name I pray,