Prayer For A Dying Christian Friend

Dear heavenly Father, my dear friend, who is closer to me than a brother or sister is fast approaching the time when You will gather them in Your arms and take them home safely, to the heavenly shore.

Thank You Father for their life and witness and for their great love for You. Thank You for the encouragement they have given so many over the years and for the gracious spirit that marked the way they have walked.

Lord I know that their one joy and delight is to be with You forever – but it means that we will be left – not grieving as the world grieves, for our hope and trust is in You - but I know we all will miss them so much, for they have been such a sweet fragrance in my life and the lives of so many with, whom they fellowshipped.

Enfold them with Your love, dear Lord, and I pray that at the right time they will close their eyes in this world for the last time, only to open them to see You -How we worship You for all Your goodness loving-kindness to us and to all men and thank You Father, for the privilege of having such a godly friend for so much of my life.

In to Your hands I commend this precious one - my dear friend, who has been closer to me than any brother or sister.

In Jesus name I pray,