Prayer Of Gratitude For My Home And Family

Loving Heavenly Father, I lift my hands up to You in gratitude for my home and for the family, into which You have so lovingly placed me.

You Lord, have filled our home with so many blessings. And even when times have been tough and the circumstances of life have been very difficult, You have blessed me with such a loving family, which is becoming more and more of a blessing with each passing day. How I thank You Lord Jesus, and bless Your holy name.

Thank You, Lord, for my parents who have been so supportive of me, not only in my early years, but also as I have grown older. I pray Your blessing on both of them and also on the wider family too, my aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, nephews, nieces, cousins and grandparents. All of whom have been a blessing in their own special way.

I especially thank You for my spouse and the joy of seeing our own children born into the world and growing up into responsible adults. And Lord, for the miracle of seeing the birth of my own precious grandchildren. What a joy this has been, and how I praise You for all Your goodness and mercy to me.

Lord, thank You for all those who are in the wider body of Christ, my brothers and sisters around the world, who have become such and important part of my eternal family. Thank You for the wonderful joy of knowing that we will all be united with You in love in heavenly places in the days to come, when we are given our glorified bodies in the eternal state. There are no words that are sufficient to express the gratitude I have Lord, but thank You. In Jesus' name I pray,