Prayer Of Blessing At House Warming

We do thank You Lord, for bringing us into this home that You have graciously provided for us in so many ways. Thank You for all the loving support that we have received from so many people who have helped and supported us in many different ways, to move into our home and settle into this place.

We are gathering today to offer our heartfelt thanks for Your gracious provision, and to pray Your blessing and peace on us and on our home and neighbours. May Your presence abide here with us and may it be a place of welcome to all who may enter within. And Lord, we pray that Your name may be glorified here.

Abide in each room we pray, and may the sunshine of Your warming love enter into the hearts of all that come through the door. May this always be a place that is open and welcoming to others. Guard us from the strategies of the evil one, and may Your Holy Spirit of grace hover over our home and pour out Your manifold blessing on us. In Jesus' name we pray,