Prayer Of An Older Single

Father, I praise and thank You for the way that You have guided my life up to now and for the many blessings that You have bestowed on me. Father, I lay my heart out before You now that I have arrived at this point of my life, and confess that it comes with a deepening desire to have a loving soul relationship with someone, a long-term love-relationship that is rooted and grounded in You.

Lord, I know that sometimes You say ‘yes’ and at other times You say, ‘no’ or perhaps ‘wait’ and I pray that whatever plan You have for my life that You would either lead and guide me into the right relationship, or keep my heart content to remain in this state of singleness, into which You have seen fit to place me.

I know Lord that You have scheduled each day of our lives, and I know also that we are to bring all our prayers and requests before You and to trust them into Your caring hands, and not to try to manipulate life to fulfill our own heart desires. And so Lord, I pray that You would quiet my heart to wait Your timing and to rest in Your love, as I wait for Your best purpose for my life to unfold.

Lord, I know that any part of my life that is outside of Your control is of little worth and so I pray that no matter what transpires in the future, whether I am graced with a loving long-term relationship or am to remain in this state of singleness, I pray that You would lead and guide me, that You would fill me with Your Spirit and that You would continue to uphold me with Your righteous right hand. Draw me ever closer to Your heart of love I pray, with each passing year. In Jesus' name,