Prayer From A Distraught Gambler

Oh God, my life is being destroyed with my gambling addiction, and I am so caught up in it that I know I cannot stop on my own. Lord, You know how badly this has affected my home, my family and my finances and friends. I have lost everything and everyone I care about and I am at my wits end. Lord, please help me to stop this destructive and evil habit and release me from its chains of bondage. Help me God. I can do nothing myself. I am impotent to help myself. You alone Lord can help me, and I am relying on You. Please, please forgive me for the way that I have behaved. I realise that I have been making gambling the god in my life in place of You. Forgive me Lord. 

Lord, I do trust You and I know that my sins were all forgiven at the cross, but I also know that for a long time I have been out of fellowship with You. I have behaved in ways that I should not have done. I have done things that have grieved and hurt Your Holy Spirit. I know I have displeased and angered You in so many ways. Lord, I acknowledge my sins and realise that it is against You that I have sinned. I come to you in humble penitence and pray that You would help me cut free from all the gambling cords that have entrapped me so tightly.

Lord, I want to be free of my gambling and turn my life around with Christ at the centre. I know that the responsibility to stay out of casinos and to refuse to participate in any form of gambling is my own responsibility, nevertheless Lord, I ask for Your strength and Your help to keep this resolve firm and sure, day by day and moment by moment.

Thank You that You have promised that Your grace is sufficient, no matter what difficulty we find ourselves in, and Father, I trust that underneath me are Your everlasting arms to uphold and heal. Thank You in Jesus' name,