Prayer For Youth Groups In Our Churches

Dear Heavenly Father, I give You heartfelt thanks for all those who trust in Jesus Christ as Saviour, and I want to pray for the youth groups within our churches, and for the young people and individual group members that participate in this important ministry.

Lord, I ask for their continuous and continuing spiritual growth, so that they may become strong in the faith. I pray that as they meet together they may be correctly and thoroughly discipled in the truth of Scripture, and be edified and encouraged as they fellowship together with other young people and members of the group.

I pray that they may united together in love and develop a desire to know the truth of the gospel of Your wonderful salvation, so that they may grow in grace and in a knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that they become mighty men and women of faith, who in turn may be used by You to forward Your plans and purposes.

Bless all youth group leaders and keep them looking to Jesus, the author and finisher of their faith, in Whose name we pray,