Prayer To God, From A Senior Citizen

Loving Father, You have been my Rock in times of trouble, my Peace in times of distress and my Shelter from the storms of life – but Lord as I advance in years I find I am becoming weary, and worn-down with life in general - and I need You to be my good and gracious Shepherd, as my steps are slowing down to a shuffle and my health is showing signs of fatigue… Carry me on Your shoulder, my Saviour and let me rest quietly in the crook of Your loving arms. Give me strength to face each day – for new every morning is Your love for me…

Lord You have been my faithful Friend through so much of my life. You guided me thorough my childhood and were there during those days of carefree youth. You were with me as I entered into the joys and woes of marriage and supported me through the frantic years of parenthood. And now in the twilight years of my life I am so thankful that You are my precious Saviour Who loved me so much that You took the punishment on the cruel cross - that I rightly deserved. How can I ever thank You enough - my Lord and my God….

Visit me I pray in my advancing years and nourish me as I turn each day to Your precious Word for my daily sustenance. I love You Lord and although I long to be with You and see You face to face – while-ever there is breath in my body – may I be used as a channel, through whom Your love flows out to others. Thank You Father that I may come boldly to Your throne of grace – in and through the wonderful name of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ,