Prayer For Visa Processing And Application

Loving Lord, I am in the process of applying for a Visa and I ask You to be with me throughout this whole process. Help me Lord to be careful, so that I complete the forms correctly, wisely and without any mistakes. And Lord, give me the patience to wait Your perfect timing.

Lord, You know that reason that I need to get this visa processed and I ask You to look favourably on my application. I pray that You will look graciously on me and as I prepare to go far from my homeland, my friends and family, and I ask that You will give me the courage I need to step out into this new life. Guide me as I make preparations for the task in hand.

Comfort my parents and family as I prepare to travel to work abroad, and I pray that You will be very close to them, knowing that they will find it difficult to have me living so far from home. I pray that in Your grace, You will enable me not only to keep in regular contact, but to be able to visit my family from time to time.

Thank You, Lord, for this opportunity, and I pray that at the right time my visa will be granted. Thank You Lord.