Prayer For Unsaved Students In Today’s World

Heavenly Father, we lift up to you the many young people and students that are attending the colleges and universities of today with little or no knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and His gift of salvation by grace through faith in Him, that is offered and so frequently rejected. Father, we grieve that the truth of Christ’s sacrifice of Himself is so little known, so rarely taught correctly and so frequently rejected as myth.

Lord, we lift each student up to You and ask that in Your great grace and mercy, You would make Yourself known, especially to those that have been hurt by the false doctrines and religiosity that is pervading Christianity today.

Lord, the trend in today’s society and especially in places of learning, is to ridicule the Word of God and deny the Creator Who made them and the Saviour Who gave His life to pay the price for their sins. Meet each one I pray, at their point of need, and bring many of these lost young people into the knowledge of the truth.

Look down in pity on all unsaved students, for it is not Your will that any should perish but that all come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. In Your righteous displeasure, remember mercy. We pray in Jesus' name,