Prayer For Unity As One

Father, we come together to pray as one, that we may be as one, just as the Lord Jesus prayed that we who are His Body, may be one with Himself, in the same way that You and He are united together in love and purpose.

Father, we join our spirits together with Your Holy Spirit and pray that as Your Church, the world may recognise that we are united together in love, because we are one with You Who is perfect love, and Whom to know is life eternal.

Keep Your Church we pray, from discord, disunity and division, for a people that allow conflict or strife to fester, will surely fail and fall in their calling.

Keep us focussed on You, motivated by the same purpose and united together under the same banner of truth. And may we seek to preach the gospel to all people, in season and out of season, as we look to the Lord Jesus as our federal Head and singular Saviour.

Bind our hearts together in love we pray, so that unsaved men may see Jesus in us, and desire to know how they too may receive eternal life though Christ Jesus our Lord, to Whom be all praise and glory for ever and ever, and in Whose name we pray,