Prayer For Those That Are Facing Retirement

Heavenly Father, I pray for the men and women who are getting near to their retirement and perhaps are growing weary as a result of the stresses and strains of the world, or who are concerned that during their post-retirement life they will be ill-equipped to provide for their daily needs.

Comfort and strengthen, all those that are in this situation. Draw alongside each one and create in them a vision of the future that You have for their lives, with You at the helm of their lives.

Motivate them to look beyond the world’s view of retirement, which so often devalues the older generation and help them to see that with You they have the rest of their lives to love and serve You in newness of love, as You lead and guide them in ways that they may never have imagined, to Your praise and glory.

Provide I pray, for all their needs and necessities of life, and draw each one into a closer fellowship with You in the years ahead. In Jesus' name,