Comfort Prayer For The Abandoned

Almighty God, You know everything that happens in our life, and You understand how difficult it is when someone you love has gone and left you all alone.

Jesus, I am in that position right now, and I dread the thought of having to face the future all alone, without the support of the one that was closest to me.

Please wrap Your arms of protection and comfort around me at this time and help me not to become bitter and depressed, but rather to use this as an opportunity to learn the lesson that You would have me to learn.

Father, keep me from an attitude of resentment but rather look down in pity on the one that has left me. I pray that in Your grace You would draw them into a right relationship with Yourself.

Thank You, Father, for always being there even when others are not. Help me not to be carless with the feelings of others, but rather to show the love of Jesus in all I do. In Jesus' name I pray,